industrial acoustics

Statutory requirements often make noise insulation inevitable nowadays. Permanent strain due to exposure to noise at work may be detrimental to health. Noise protection measures may prevent this and may involve an economic advantage for the company.




  3 possibilities to implement noise protection ordinances

  •  • Technical solutions
  • • Organisatorial measures
  • • Personal protection measures

 The measures have to be implemented in this order.


SUAMAKUSTIK offers the technical solutions to reduce noise.


  • Shielding of the sources of noise
  • Room-acoustic measures for sound reduction by reduction of reverberation time


vertically installed absorbers


Free-standing absorbers

Shielding elements, mobile or stationary


Wall/ceiling absorbers

Directly installed absorbers



horizontally installed absorbers




Equipment of sound protection hoods with custom-fit absorber cuts



  Orientation measurements

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