SUAM baffles


The SUAM baffle is a frameless baffle, circumferential all-around with a white surface.

 With patented attachment module

  • Unrestricted access to the installation level
  • The natural incidence of light is not impeded
  • No interventions into the construction physics
  • Offers many times the equivalent absorber surface


  Individual absorber:

 Length:      up to 1,600 mm
Width:        up to 100 mm
Height:       ´10 to55 mm

Freely chosen shapes according to customer specification
Coloured absorbers


  • Individual suspension - Cord suspension
  • Direct mounting
  • to existing T-rail construction
  • Magnetic mounting
  • System mounting



To be able to estimate or calculate the necessary number of baffles during the planning phase, SUAMAkustik decided to measure all baffles in a way to be able to display the actual sound absorption area Aobject besides the frequency-dependent sound absorption degree αs.




This is the basis for economical acoustics.



 Photo: Gripple