Ceiling sails

 Simple mounting on the ceiling, including mounting material

Sound absorbers for better room acoustics, made of 100 % recyclable material

The ceiling sail, horizontally installed, shields the sound source to the top,

effectively absorbs the sound and guarantees optimised working conditions.



  • Absorption
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduction of reverberation time


 Individual absorber:

 Length:     up to 2,400 mm

 Width:       up to 1,600 mm

 Height:      50 mm or 80 mm

 Freely chosen shapes according to customer specification

 Coloured absorbers

 Serial mounting, ceiling panels from several objects


 Cord mounting is possible on a lot of shell construction ceiling types with approved fasteners


 In-built technical installations like light and sound may be integrated into the sails.

 The energy supply to the sail has to be provided.
The control may be realised independent of the cable routing using EnOcean technology.



The  SUAMAkustik products are A-absorbers.