•  Non-binding consultation
  • Measurement of noise level and reverberation times
  • Calculation of the noise level reduction
  • Planning and development of individual concepts, considering  industry-specific requirements
  • Mounting by qualified partner companies
  • Control measurements after the termination of the mounting work      


Long-term measurement


  Noise dosimeter SV 104


  • Noise dosimeter according to IEC 61252 ANSI S1.25-1991
  • Sound level meter class 2 according to IEC 61672
  • Measurements according to ISO 9612
  • Measuring range 55 dBA RMS ÷ 140 dBA peak
  • 1/1-octave real-time analysis (optional)
  • Sound recording, synchronous to the noise level curve (optional)


Architectural/room acoustics

AkuLap PC measuring system

  • Simple measurement via impulse excitation, noise excitation or Chirp (sinus sweep)
  • Target/actual comparison according to DIN 18041: 2016_03
    (and old standard 2004).
  • Chirp measurement (SweptSine) for an optimum noise suppression
  • Broadband calculation of the reverberation time and calculation with 1/1- and 1/3-octave resolution
  • RT60, RT30 and “early decay” times (EDT)
  • Measurement of clarity and definition according to DIN EN 3382
  • Measurement of speech intelligibility STI+RASTI and STIPA according to DIN EN 60268-16


With almost 20 years of experience in the acoustics sector, SUAMAKUSTIK can solve almost all acoustical problems. If we reach our limits, we are interconnected with companies all over Germany to find a suitable contact for you




We do not mount the elements ourselves.


We co-operate with specialised interior construction companies and can name you the suitable partner for your purposes.