Room acoustics


Good room acoustics are characterised by a good speech intelligibility and articulation.


High noise levels and long reverberation times affect concentration and may strongly impair the work performance.


In the office, conference room or kindergarten - our products ensure that the acoustic room climate is improved.


Frame A-L-S

Multifunctional ceiling element





Free-standing absorbers

Silenzio 4.0, the innovative acoustic partition wall system, offers manifold possibilities to section rooms simply and flexibly.


Fabric cover

 Walls and ceilings

  • covered with fabric
  • printed
  • optionally illuminated
  • completely or partially

Wall/ceiling absorbers

 Absorbers are directly installed on the wall or ceiling.

Ceiling sails

Horizontally installed frameless absorbers in different shapes and colours


Measurements of acoustic room parameters for determination of requirements and preparation of tenders